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A few years ago, men could chat and date any girl they met on the internet. Several got lucky and even went on to marry their online dates. However, a lot of things have changed on the web space and this has impacted the way people do things. Today, it is very hard for a lady to chat you online without asking for money.

Online dating is now socially acceptable in most countries. While majority of online dating apps and sites are looking for romantic relationships, some are also looking for new friends or sex. Only 24 per cent of users are looking for sex online, and this has changed the way people use their internet.

In Tanzania, more people are spending their internet watching porn and betting. The growth of pornography and live cam sites have enticed many. This change in internet trends and browsing habits has also captured the hearts of night nurses. Ladies who used to parade themselves on the streets of Dar es salaam at night have changed their tack and moved online where they are reaping a windfall.

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