The reason women exploit men financially


Many people have been talking online attacking women that are financial opportunist. They say most of them don’t care about love what they care is just money.

From my point of view i think partly is not true. Not every woman is all about the money. What happens here are the boys who pretend to be wealth men. They approach ladies as if they are in a high class of life. Of course when a lady sees this why should she be cheap on you, Suppose its true you are a wealth man, you may despise such a girl, no one wants this.

I go further saying, this habit of money first thinking from women, its generated by the bad guys who like playing women. There are some married men who just like to enjoy the sex of a new lady every week. If this happens to lady and get dumped, it really hurts which in turn gets her ready to deal with men with a payback.

Ladies be careful dealing with men. Anyone serious will take time to know you before anything like sex. Otherwise that person will be a user or time passer.

To men i believe most of men may love new a girl because of the sex. One can be honest in love but if portrayed in a wrong way the lady will think like you are just like the rest. Anyway if you feel like the lady is always having problems of money and have no time to listen to your stories then just understand that she is a whore.Otherwise have some love with the good girl.

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